Envise Awarded Los Angeles Dodgers 5th Level Fan Coil Unit Replacement

Envise Awarded Los Angeles Dodgers 5th Level Fan Coil Unit Replacement

Garden Grove, CA

Envise, a building systems integrator uniting building automation, mechanical service, and analytics was recently awarded the Los Angeles Dodgers fifth level fan coil unit replacement in Los Angeles.

Envise’s scope consists of removing existing open drive compressor systems, adding six electronically commuted motor (ECM) fan coils, and running new chilled water and heating hot water from the house chilled water located two floors below. Envise will also convert 15-tons of direct exchange cooling to the house chilled water. Converting the systems will create immediate energy savings and provide additional redundancy. The use of ECMs in the new fan coils will reduce energy consumption and overall operating costs.

The project’s construction phase is currently underway, and overall project completion is anticipated by August 2017.

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